The Titanium Physicists Podcast

Today's guest is a marvel! It's the host of the Drabblecast: Norm Sherman!

Norm joins Dr. Ken Clark and Dr. Katelin Schutz, experts in dark matters. 

today we talk about dark matter candidates: our best guesses for what is causing the crush we feel but cannot see. 

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Andray Domise joins  Dr. Sabine Stanley from Johns Hopkins University and Erin Wenckstern from the Weather Network to learn about NEPTUNE! 

Home to the fastest winds in the solar system, where it rains diamonds, and mysterious "superionic water," the ice giant slowly trudges around its orbit, the farthest planet from the sun!

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Humorist and Podcaster Benjamin Ahr Harrison (Greatest Generation, Friendly Fire) Join me and Dr. Joey Shapiro Key and Dr. Jocelyn Read to talk about THE NEXT GENERATION of gravitational wave detectors: LISA  (the Giant Tumbling Space Triangle) and NANOGRAV our pulsar timing array system! 

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Adal Rifai from "Hello From the Magic Tavern" joins us to talk about the first PHOTOGRAPH of a black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope. 

Our guide through this amazing story are Dr. Leo Stein and Dr. Katie Bouman. 

We learn the basics of Black holes, and the interferometry performed by the Event Horizon Telescope, and then about the complicated image processing which needed to be done to interpret all of that amazing, messy data!

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Particle physicists Dr Erica Caden and Dr. Ken Clark are my physicists today. 

Our guest today is Author, musician, composer and novelist Cecil Castellucci.

Today we're talking about the MinniBooNE experiment and the possibility of Sterile Neutrinos. 

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